Cooking Time | 20 min

Steamed Fish and Bean Curd Cake

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Fish paste
6 ½ oz
Lean ground pork
2 oz
Soft bean curd (diced)
6 pieces
Dried Shrimp (soaked, chopped)
1 oz
Green onion (chopped)
2 stalks
Carrot (chopped
a bit


Sugar 2½ tsp
Knorr® Chicken Broth Mix ½ tsp
Oyster sauce 1½ tsp
Light Soy sauce 1 tbsp
Cooking oil or Sesame oil 2 tsp


Salt ½ tsp
Knorr® Chicken Broth Mix ¾ tsp
Cornstarch 1½ tbsp
White pepper a dash



Adding sesame oil and Knorr® Chicken Broth Mix to bean curd and fish paste, will enhance their taste