Cooking Time | 30-40 min

Eight Treasure Thick Soup

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Dried scallop (soaked, shredded) 1 piece
Chicken breast (diced small) 2 oz
Shrimp (ready to use) 2 oz
Fresh scallop (diced small)
½ oz
Black Forest ham (diced small) 1 oz
Chinese mushroom (soaked, diced small) 2 pieces
Carrot (peeled, dice small)
⅓ cup
Peas ⅓ cup
Knorr® Clear Chicken Broth 
5 cups


 Salt and sugar 1 tsp each
 Cornstarch and water 2 tbsp each
 Egg white (beaten)   
2 pieces
 Sesame oil 1 tsp



When pouring in egg white, don’t stir it, let it stay in the soup to create a whitening effect.